Registration and policies


Have you completed a recognized undergraduate degree or the prerequisite courses to obtain an equivalence of diploma or an equivalence of training and earned the required grade point average of 2.8/4.3? If so, you are eligible for admission to the CPA national program.


Depending on your situation, several registration possibilities are available:



You have completed your undergraduate studies and are ready to begin the national program.

You will be completing your undergraduate studies at the end of the term and you wish to begin the national program as soon as possible.

  • Fill out the registration with the Order before the deadlines specified in the Module and exam calendar. You may be enrolled conditionally upon passing all the prerequisites.
  • Send confirmation to the Order that you successfully completed your undergraduate program (or equivalent) as soon as possible to make your registration official.
  • When your application is accepted, enrol in the modules in your online file and pay the required fees.

Your registration will give you access to the Securexam software and to the educational material of the module in which you are registered. Note that you can view a summary of your module enrolments and your examination results at any time in your online file.

Important: You do not have to register directly with the university partner you have chosen when registering for the PEP. Module registration is done directly with the Order.

See the Module and exam calendar to find out the registration deadlines for the various modules. 

See the Fee schedule and forms page for all the forms to be completed on your path to the CPA designation.

Financial aid and tax deductions

Do you want to learn more about the financial aid and tax deductions available to students in the national program? Consult the table below.

Governments of Quebec and Canada

Government of Quebec

  • No loans or grants, no RL-8 slip (Relevé 8).
  • Candidates may ask for a tax credit for eligible tuition fees.*

Government of Canada

  • No loans or grants.
  • Every February, candidates will receive a T2202A for eligible tuition fees.*

* Tuition fees eligibility

  • File opening: Yes
  • File review: Yes
  • Registration with the Order and reinstatement: Yes
  • File review – Reciprocity agreement: Yes
  • Annual dues: Yes
  • Short online orientation session: Yes
  • Module fee: Yes
  • Make-up assignment marking fee: Yes
  • Securexam licence: Yes
  • Module examination fee (including review request): Yes
  • Common Final Examination fee (CFE) (receipt required): Yes
  • Administrative penalties in case of withdrawal from the program: No
  • Reference books and manuals other than those included on the D2L platform: No
  • Candidate in good standing letter: No
  • Annual dues to the Order after successfully passing the CFE: No

Quebec CPA Foundation

Financial Aid Scholarships (3 $10,000 scholarships)

This scholarship program is intended for students who are preparing to register for the Professional Education Program (PEP), either the university graduate program or the national program delivered by the Order. To be eligible, applicants must demonstrate that they need financial aid to help them cover all the costs involved in continuing the PEP.

Applicants must fill out the online scholarship application form and submit their application file to the Foundation before the deadline.

For more information [+]

PEP Scholarship – National Program (5 to 10 scholarships of $2,000)

This program is intended for students who are registered in the national program delivered by the Order and who have passed the Core 1 and Core 2 examinations.

Applicants must fill out the online scholarship application form and submit their application file to the Foundation before the deadline.

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Distinctive Offer

Candidates enrolled in the national program have access to the same Distinctive Offer products and services granted to CPA members. Moreover, Desjardins also offers candidates the Student STRATEGIC Line of Credit.

STRATEGIC Line of Credit

  • $80,000 credit limit available to meet all your needs (gradual credit limit increase).
  • Desjardins prime rate + 0.50%.
  • Option to capitalize interest costs throughout the duration of your studies and option to pay interest only on your loan for 6 months following your graduation.

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Order university partners

The national program is offered in Montreal, Quebec City and Gatineau (new since spring 2017) in collaboration with the following university partners:

* University credits will be granted in the FSA ULaval MBA program if you decide to pursue graduate studies.

Information sessions are held every semester at the campus of the university partners. See the upcoming information sessions [+]

Cancellation and refund policy

Barring exceptional circumstances, you may cancel your enrolment in a module by completing the appropriate form. In all cases, if you abandon a module but wish to re-enroll in it at a later session you will have to repeat the module, regardless of when it was abandoned. 

Do you want to cancel your registration in the CPA Professional Education Program (national program) or get a refund of some of the fees you paid? See the cancellation and refund policy.

* You have up to three attempts to pass each module examination. For more information, visit the National examinations page.

CPA harmonized education policies

The CPA harmonized education policies includes a collection of policy directives for the CPA Professional Education Program (PEP), as well as the rules for admission, administration, modules, module evaluation and the Common Final Examination.

Read the policies [+]