Donna Salvati – 2015 recipient

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  Donna Salvati, CPA, CA
Oligny Salvati Inc.

2015 recipient of the CPA Award of Excellence – Community service

Extremely generous with her time and fully emotionally invested, Donna Salvati has a big heart and shows every day why it is important to add a touch of humanity to everything you do.

As treasurer of the Théâtre du Marais in Val-Morin since 2013, Donna Salvati put a great deal of energy into the construction of a new theatre in 2014, performing both the duties of her office and those of the president she stood in for. She supervised the project, and set up accounting systems to ensure a steady flow of funds. Out of concern for the future of the theatre, she played a key role in creating a foundation to secure its long life.

Altruistic and committed to disadvantaged youth, Donna Salvati created the Oligny Salvati Foundation in 2002 to help struggling teenagers. She even hosted 2 young girls who had lived in foster homes and institutions in Quebec’s youth protection system, helping them over the years to regain the confidence they needed to finish high school. Following Donna Salvati’s example, a third teenager who lived with her as well, eventually became a CPA herself!

Donna Salvati is a true leading light for young people and a huge influence on teenagers, offering them mentorship, tutelage and unconditional love. She does more than just help them stay in school; she helps them become accomplished adults.

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