Fellow title

Titre de Fellow

The title of Fellow of the Order, designated by the initials FCPA, formally recognizes those members who have rendered outstanding services to the profession, or whose achievements in their careers or in the community have earned them distinction and brought honor to the profession.


The Order’s Board of Directors awarded the title of FCPA to 13 exceptional members. They will be honoured during the upcoming Soirée des Fellows in spring 2017.

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Call for nominations

In order to submit your nomination, you must carefully complete the nomination file.

Nomination files are only accepted during the annual nomination period, which has ended at 4:00 p.m on November 25, 2016. Only complete files will be submitted to the Selection committee. The next call for nominations will take place in 2017.

Most common mistakes

To help you prepare your file, please consult the sample nomination file (in French only).

Here are the most common mistakes when presenting a nomination:

  • Disregarding the evaluation criteria
    You may be surprised to learn that some of the files presented to the Selection committee do not meet all of the evaluation criteria. This does not do justice to the proposed candidate since the file is incomplete.
  • Failing to highlight the candidate’s performance
    It is very important to clearly highlight how the candidate’s performance sets him or her apart.
  • Assuming that the members of the Selection committee are aware of all professional, community and charitable organizations in Quebec and elsewhere
    While it is important to highlight the candidate’s volunteer activities, it is equally important to assist the Selection committee by providing information on the organization itself.
  • Quantity over quality
    The Selection committee expects the nomination file to highlight the fact that the candidate’s outstanding contribution is common knowledge, i.e. that the acknowledged achievements make the member a recognized leader. It is therefore better to focus on quality than on a long list of “normal” achievements. For example, being a member of several organizations is not as significant as chairing the board or ensuring an organization’s viability.

Please contact us by email at candidatureFCPA@cpaquebec.ca.