Isabelle-Boisvenu Award

Prix Isabelle-Boisvenu EN

Determined, dynamic and community-minded are qualities that describe the nominees for the Isabelle-Boisvenu Award, a distinction which recognizes a young CPA’s contribution to the visibility of the profession. Like Isabelle Boisvenu, the award recipients have shown leadership and unfailing determination in the professional world and the community throughout their young career. This distinction, including a $4,000 cash prize, is only presented by the Estrie CPA Group, in partnership with the Université de Sherbrooke, Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton and the Boisvenu family.

2016 call for nominations

Nominees for the Isabelle-Boisvenu Award must be 30 years of age or less. All members in good standing of the Order who meet this criterion and qualify for the award may be nominated, provided they are members of the regional group presenting the award.

The call for nominations has ended and the next one will be held in 2018.

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The biographies were current at the time of the awards and are published in the language of the recipient.