Professional negligence

 IMPORTANT: Do you have any claims to make for 2017-2018?

A new insurer will subscribe to the entirety of the group insurance plan this year. It is, therefore, imperative that you review your files and report before April 1, 2018 any claim made, any written or verbal allegation, or any act, error, omission or circumstance which may give rise to a claim under the group insurance plan, other than those already reported. Failure to report these to ACPAI Insurance before April 1, 2018 could lead to a denial of coverage by the insurer for this reason alone.

If you are aware of any claims or situations likely to result in a claim, you must report them in writing at

Requirement to advise the Order of any action for professional negligence

Pursuant to the amendments made to the Professional Code, all chartered professional accountants are required to advise the Order each time an action for professional negligence is served against them, the partnership or joint-stock company within which they practice their profession, their employer or with their professional liability insurer.

In accordance with the terms and conditions of disclosure to the Order (in French only) adopted by the Board of the Order, members must notify the Order in writing of any action for professional negligence served against them or with their insurer of which they are aware, no later than 30 days from the date on which the action was served, and forward a copy of the statement of claim to the Vice-President.

Please note that the ACPAI Insurance will also send the Order copy of any action for professional negligence of which it will have been made aware in administering the insurance plan.


For more information on the requirement to advise the Order of any action for professional negligence, please contact us by email at