Review committee

If, after receiving a request for an inquiry into a member’s conduct, the syndic decides not to lodge a complaint with the Disciplinary council, the complainant who requested the inquiry may seek an opinion from the Review committee. A request for an opinion must be sent to the secretary of the Review committee within 30 days from the date of receipt of the syndic's decision.

The request is reviewed by a three-member panel, which includes a representative of the public. The Review committee reviews the entire file and, if appropriate, summons the syndic and the person who requested the inquiry and issues its opinion in writing. The Review committee does not meet with the chartered professional accountant. 


Members serving on the Review committee are designated by the Order’s Board of Directors. The committee must include at least one person selected from a list of directors appointed by the Office des professions to represent the public. 

For each case, there must be three members at the sittings of the Review committee, including one member chosen from among the public representatives. 

Right to submit observations

Under section 123.4, paragraph 2 of the Professional Code, the complainant requesting an opinion has the right to submit observations to the Review committee at any time before the opinion is rendered. 

Review committee opinions

Under section 123.5 of the Professional Code, after examining the record, the Review committee must either, in its opinion:

  • find that there is no cause to lodge a complaint with the Disciplinary council. In this case, the complainant may lodge personally a complaint against the professional that shall be received by the secretary of the disciplinary council;
  • suggest that the syndic complete the inquiry and subsequently render a new decision as to whether or not to lodge a complaint; 
  • find that there is cause to lodge a complaint with the Disciplinary council and suggest the appointment of an ad hoc syndic who, after an inquiry, if he decides to hold one, will decide whether or not to lodge a complaint. 

The Review committee may also suggest that the syndic refer the matter to the Professional inspection committee.

The Review committee gives its opinion to the person who requested the inquiry and the syndic.

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