Disciplinary decisions

The Disciplinary council may impose penalties and recommend that the Board of Directors impose a period of refresher training or a refresher course. In addition, the Disciplinary council may decide that the professional did not commit an offence. The decisions of the Disciplinary council may be appealed by either party to the Tribunal des professions.

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Publication of the notice of a decision

The publication of the notice of a decision is provided for under two provisions of the Professional Code, i.e. sections 156 par. 5 and 180 par. 1. The purpose of the first provision is to protect the public and the second is to set an example and to be a deterrent for members of the Order.

The notice of a decision is published for members of the Order as soon as the period for appeal has expired and the decision is final, even if the Disciplinary council has provided for the execution of the decision to be postponed to a later date.

A public notice of the decision imposing a temporary striking off the roll, or a temporary restriction or suspension of the right to engage in professional activities, is published in accordance with the decision of the Disciplinary council, which can decide when the decision will be enforceable and published. For example, the Disciplinary council may postpone the execution of the decision and publication of the notice to the time of reinstatement. In this case, the notice will only be published upon reinstatement on the roll of the Order.