If the Disciplinary council has grounds to believe that the professional has committed an offence, it may impose one or more of the following penalties:

a) reprimand;
b) temporary or permanent striking off the roll, even if he has not been entered thereon from the date of the offence;
c) a fine of not less than $2,500 nor more than $62,500 for each offence;
d) the obligation to remit to any person entitled to it a sum of money the professional is or should be holding for him;
d.1) the obligation to transmit a document or the information contained in any document, and the obligation to complete, delete, update or rectify any document or information;
e) evocation of his permit;
f) revocation of his specialist's certificate;
g) restriction or suspension of his right to engage in professional activities.

The Disciplinary council’s decision may be appealed to the Professions Tribunal by the syndic, the chartered professional accountant or, if applicable, the private citizen.

In the event that no appeal is brought before the Professions Tribunal, the disciplinary remedy ends upon the expiry of the period for appeal.