Illegal use

For the purpose of protecting the public, since the adoption of the act establishing the Ordre des CPA du Québec, the term “public accountant” cannot be used by anyone in Quebec, including members of the Order. In addition, it is important to differentiate the term “accountant” from the professional designation of chartered professional accountant and its CPA initials. Chartered professional accountants are members of a professional order that supervises the practice of the profession. They are also governed by a code of ethics as well as a number of other laws and regulations, and are covered for professional liability. 

Professional accountants registered in another Canadian province 

Professional accountants registered in another Canadian province cannot present themselves as CPAs or chartered professional accountants (with or without reference to the provincial order that granted the designation) or practice public accountancy in Quebec. They may also not in any way whatsoever use the title “chartered accountant”, “certified general accountant”, “certified management accountant” or “professional accountant” or any title or abbreviation which may lead to the belief that the person is a chartered accountant, certified general accountant, certified management accountant or professional accountant, or use initials which may lead to the belief that the person is a chartered accountant, certified general accountant, certified management accountant or professional accountant.

Holders of the chartered accountant (CA), certified general accountant (CGA), certified management accountant (CMA) or chartered professional accountant (CPA) designations from the rest of Canada cannot practice public accountancy without holding an appropriate permit of the Ordre des CPA du Québec.

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