Fees of a CPA

Each member of the Quebec CPA Order must charge just and reasonable professional fees. In determining these fees, chartered professional accountants must take a number of factors into account, including:

  • the time devoted to the performance of the professional service; 
  • the difficulty and importance of such service; 
  • the performance of unusual services or of services requiring exceptional competence or celerity; 
  • their experience and expertise; 
  • the importance of the responsibility assumed. 

CPAs must inform their clients of the approximate and foreseeable cost of their services and may not require full advance payment of their fees. In addition to providing their clients with all the explanations necessary to understand their statement of fees, CPAs must ensure that the statement is broken down so that the professional services performed can be identified.

If you have been unable to settle a dispute over the professional fees of a CPA by mutual consent, you may seek recourse from the Order. You may contest a statement of fees if you feel it exceeds the expected or anticipated amount, if you disagree with the amounts billed, or if you consider the fees excessive in relation to the services rendered.

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