In-house training

Bandeau formations dans les organisations

Offer your employees a customized training activity adapted to your needs within your organization.

Choose from over 200 in-class or e-learning training activities

Advantages and fee schedule1, 2, 3, 4


Training activity offered with a participant’s manual5

  • CPA: $100 per participant  
  • Non-CPA: $120 per participant

Training activity offered with a tool (reference guide, model file, implementation model or model financial statements)5

  • CPA: $150 per participant  
  • Non-CPA: $200 per participant
Training and the coaching given to the in-house instructor
  • Possibility to attend a session of the chosen training activity given by the Order.
  • Instructor’s material
Included in the price per participant. 
  • Private coaching given by an experienced instructor from the Order.

Extra charges: request a quotation.

Room rental
  • Possibility to rent a room from one of the Order’s suppliers and to take advantage of competitive prices

Extra charges: request a quotation.

  • Attendance list and evaluation forms provided
  • Order processing and sending of material
  • Communication with the instructor 
  • Training hours directly added to the CPA member file

Included in the price per participant.

Additional information

  • A proposal is prepared outlining the details of each request, the terms and conditions and the related costs.
  • The client is responsible for the logistics of the in-house sessions (location and equipment). However, the Order will include the logistics into its proposal upon request. In this case, costs are clearly detailed in the proposal.
  • Some courses must be given by an Order instructor.
  • Courses in partnership are offered in conjunction with different partners. The basic price agreement as well as the terms and conditions may differ or may not apply to in-house training.
  • In-house training can only be given two weeks after the first in-class session.
  • Should the Order cancel or postpone a session, travel and training room/equipment rental expenses will be refunded upon presentation of the related vouchers.
  • Should the client cancel a session less than 10 working days before the scheduled date of a session, the Order will invoice documentation related costs.


For more details or to request a quotations, contact our team at 514 982-4607 or toll free at 1 800 363.4688 [2605], or by email at


  1. Taxes not included.
  2. Price per participant subject to change for training activities for which the Order does not own copyright. A minimum of 10 participants is required. 
  3. Possibility of quantity discounts for a quotation request for more than 40 participants. In-house training offered in the province of Québec only.
  4. Additional fees will apply for Order’s instructor, if required.
  5. Choice of the paper or electronic (PDF) version of the material for each participant.