The syndic of the Order ensures that CPAs comply with the provisions of the Professional Code, the Chartered Professional Accountants Act, the applicable code of ethics and other Order regulations. The syndic sees to it that CPAs do not perform any acts that are derogatory to the honour and dignity of the profession. Its mission is to protect the public. 

Any person who believes that a CPA has violated an Act or regulation relating to the profession can inform the syndic of the Order and request that an inquiry be conducted into the CPA’s conduct. The syndic follows up on the request and conducts the necessary inquiries. The syndic's role and powers are defined in the Professional Code, the statute that governs all professional orders in Quebec. 

The syndic receives requests for an inquiry relating to a CPA or a person who was a CPA when the alleged acts took place. These acts may have been committed by the CPA, by a person under the CPA's supervision or by a person involved in the practice of the CPA's profession.