Transition of legacy programs

In Quebec, the CPA Professional Education Program began in the fall of 2014. Students registered in a legacy path prior to this date can obtain the CPA, CA; CPA, CGA or CPA, CMA designation:

  • if they have successfully completed the professional education program and the examinations; AND
  • if they have completed their practical experience before August 31, 2018.

Were you unable to complete your practical experience by the deadline? Below are the two options available to you.

Option 1 – Transfer your file to obtain the CPA designation

All your prior education and examination results in the CA, CGA and CMA programs will be taken into consideration, with a view to recognizing equivalences with CPA program components.

If you choose this option, please send an email to by August 31, 2018 to request a review of your file. You will be invoiced fees for the file review


Upgrading courses will be required for competencies you did not fully develop during the CA, CGA or CMA programs.


  • CA and CGA path students may have to complete management accounting courses.
  • CMA path students may have to complete assurance courses.

The Order will identify which courses you need to complete, including an examination, on a case-by-case basis; you may take these courses at a university or through the Order’s national program. The required upgrading courses will be determined based on the CPA Competency Map.


To be exempted from the CPA path’s Common Final Examination (CFE), you must have met the specific requirements related to each of the legacy paths.

CA path
  • Successful completion of the Uniform Evaluation (UFE)
  • Successful completion of the DESS

CGA path
  • Successful completion of the PA1 and PA2 examinations
  • Successful completion of the Graduate Program in Professional Practice (PPP)* 

* Note: All other programs will have to be examined individually. 

CMA path
  • Successful completion of the Strategic Leadership Program (SLP)*

* Note: All other programs will have to be examined individually. 

Practical experience 

If you have begun your practical experience, it will be evaluated and taken into consideration, and you will have to submit practical experience reports. You must complete your 24-month period of practical experience in accordance with the CPA program requirements.

Important: A new time frame for meeting the additional education and practical experience requirements will be determined when your file is reviewed. 

Option 2 – Close your file with the Order 

If you wish to end your path to a professional accounting designation, please send an email to requesting that your file be closed. 

Note that the candidate annual dues will be invoiced to your file in January and must be paid by March 15. If you decide to close your file, contact us before December 31 to avoid having to pay these dues. 

Should you decide to begin the CPA path in a few years, you will be invoiced reinstatement fees. Some prior learning and experience acquired in the CA, CGA and CMA programs may no longer be taken into consideration if they do not match the CPA program competencies. As a result, you may have to meet additional education requirements to upgrade your competencies.

Do you need help to make your decision?

Our advisors are available to discuss your file and options. Request a free telephone consultation! 

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