End of practical experience

The Order must document the number of months of practical experience you have completed in your file. Accordingly, you must have a period of practical experience recognized in the following situations:

  • You have finished the entire 24-month period of practical experience.
  • You have changed employers.
  • You have changed positions within the same organization.
  • You have reached the limit of months of practical experience authorized by the Order.

 Important: You must complete your path within 7 years of your registration as a CPP.

In order to have a period of practical experience recognized, you must, within 30 days of completing the period of practical experience:

  • have completed and submitted all the required practical experience reports
  • complete the form Declaration of completion of practical experience [PDF];
  • attach a detailed, current and dated job description1. This description, printed on your employer’s letterhead, must also include:
    • the proportion of time (%) spent on each task per week;
    • the date of hire;
    • the position requirements;
    • the signature of your line supervisor.

To learn more about the steps in the practical experience recognition process, watch part 2 of our webinar on CPA practical experience requirements in Quebec >

1 Under a path pre-approved by the Order, you are not required to submit a job description. However, you must provide the other information listed above when your period of practical experience is recognized. The training principal must also attest to compliance with the conditions agreed to beforehand with the Order.