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Committee for CPAs in the Public and Parapublic Sector

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The terms of reference of the Committee for CPAs in the public and parapublic sector are to determine the professional development needs of CPAs in the public sector in order to improve the offering of products and services and position the Order as the primary reference source for CPAs in this sector.


The main responsibilities of the committee include:

  • determining the professional needs of CPAs in the public sector in collaboration with the members of the Professional development committee and the Professional Development Vice-Presidency;
  • examining the professional development program;
  • suggesting any potential solution to enhance the professional development program and increasing the participation and satisfaction rates of members and non-members in the public sector;
  • assisting the Professional Development Vice-Presidency in hiring and recruiting authors and instructors for training sessions intended for CPAs in the public sector;
  • validating projects upon request and performing technical reviews, as needed, of the educational content of certain products and services intended for CPAs in the public sector;
  • collaborating with the Multi-sector Public Affairs Committee on various issues relating to the professional concerns of CPAs in the public sector.