Administration and holding of property and sums of money belonging to third parties

The Regulation respecting trust accounting by chartered professional accountants and the indemnity fund of the Ordre des comptables professionnels agréés du Québec is intended to better protect the public when sums of money or other property are entrusted to a chartered professional accountant.

The Regulation targets:

  • CPAs who administer, against remuneration or without charge, a property or group of properties belonging to a third party; and    
  • CPAs who hold property entrusted by a third party.

The Regulation concerns the following activities in particular:

  • Administering a not-for-profit organization, in the case where a CPA performs a function that is financial management related 
  • Holding sums of money or other securities during the sale of assets or shares for clients
  • Outsourcing payroll services
  • Paying income taxes, taxes or other levies
  • Acting as receiver, liquidator, trustee, liquidator of a succession, mandataory in an incapacity mandate or proxy  



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Webdiffusion sur le Règlement sur la comptabilité en fidéicommis

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