Professional liability insurance

All CPAs are required to have professional liability insurance since April 1, 2013. Read below to find out why, who exactly is concernedhow the plan works and how much it costs to meet this requirement.

To fill out your declaration and pay your premium, go to the plan administrator’s (ACPAI Insurance) website. To do so, you will need your CPA member number. If you do not know your CPA member number, consult your member file.


Since April 1, 2013, membership to the Order's group professional liability insurance plan is mandatory for all CPAs under the Règlement sur l’assurance de la responsabilité professionnelle des membres de l’Ordre des comptables professionnels agréés du Québec. Following the recommendations of the Office des professions du Québec, lawmakers decided to make this a requirement for CPAs, regardless of whether they provide their services directly to third parties, are employed by a company, an institution a government, or are retired. 

Who and how

All CPAs are required to take out the Order’s professional liability insurance so that they are all covered by the same insurer, even if they work outside Quebec or Canada. For that purpose, you must submit your declaration to the plan administrator selected by the Order. This declaration makes it possible for all CPAs to determine which category of insureds they belong to and pay the corresponding premium based on the professional activities they perform and the value of the professional services they provide to third parties.  All CPAs must submit the declaration to the plan administrator and pay the premium by March 15 of each year.

How much

The insurance premium is based on the risk associated with the various categories of professional activities. It varies from $30 to $1,750 and is tax deductible. CPAs who are employed by a company, an institution or a government and provide few or no services at all to third parties, which is the case of most of the Order's members, merely have to pay the modest premium of $60. This premium insures them in the event that a professional liability proceeding is instituted and their employer's insurance is insufficient or non-existent, and in case they occasionally provide some professional services to third parties, including those they provide for free. For example, CPAs who prepare tax returns for their friends and family, assist in the bookkeeping of an association or sports club or give financial management advice to acquaintances incur their own professional liability and can be taken to court as a result.

It should be noted that the policy covers $1 million per claim, has no total annual limit, and that in the event that you cease to practice or cease to be a member of the Order, you continue to be covered for any professional liability proceeding for six years afterward.

For further details, consult the policy, the explanations regarding the policy wording changes, and the insurance certificate for 2015-2016 and 2016-2017. You can also read the resolution adopted by the Executive committee (in French only) and the policy on refunds for professional liability insurance premiums.

Here are the main categories of insureds and the corresponding premiums: 

Categories of insureds

2015-2016 premium*

Self-employed members, partners, shareholders and employees who have been given the authority to sign reports or other documents and who provide professional services valued above $9,999 to third parties


Employees, i.e. members employed by self-employed CPAs or by firms that provide professional services to third parties (unless they have signing authority)


Members who work in a business or an institution, in the public service or education, or operate a business, in Quebec or elsewhere     


Members of any status who provide professional services valued below $10,000 to third parties


 Retired members


 Retired life members who are not active professionally


Service of suite clause (Canada)/Action against insurer

In any action to enforce the obligations of the Underwriters they can be designated or named as “Lloyd’s Underwriters” and such designation shall be binding on the Underwriters as if they had each been individually named as defendant. Service of such proceedings may validly be made upon the Attorney In Fact in Canada for Lloyd’s Underwriters, whose address for such service is:

1155, rue Metcalfe
Suite 2220
Montreal (Quebec)  H3B 2V6

August 6, 2010


Need more clarification on what is covered by the mandatory professional liability group insurance plan and the categories of insureds, the selected plan administrator and insurers or other aspects of the plan?

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