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Chartered professional accountants wishing to be removed from the membership roll must send the resignation form to the Order.

IMPORTANT – Requests to resign from the roll of the Order cannot be made by telephone or in any other way than by sending the duly completed resignation form to the Order.

Striking off the roll of the Order and revocation of the permit to practice

The Disciplinary council may impose penalties on current and former members who are found guilty of offences. The penalties range from a simple reprimand to the revocation of the permit, a fine, the limitation of the right to practice, or the temporary or permanent striking off the roll. The Disciplinary council may also recommend that the Board of Directors impose a period of refresher training or a refresher course.

The Executive committee may also impose penalties, particularly when members have been convicted of criminal offences. It may also strike off the roll any member who fails to maintain professional liability insurance coverage or to meet the minimum compulsory continuing education requirements in accordance with Order regulations.

Striking off the roll for non-payment of annual dues

Members who fail to pay their annual dues to the Order may also be struck off the roll by the Executive committee. The Order may refuse to enter the member on the roll.

Consequences of a resignation, striking off the roll or revocation of a permit

The consequences of a resignation, striking off the roll of the Order or revocation of a permit to practice are the following:

  • loss of the CPA designation and the legacy designation, if applicable;
  • loss of the title of Fellow, if applicable;
  • loss of the title of auditor, if applicable;
  • suspension of the public accountancy permit, if applicable;
  • loss of the limited public accountancy permit issued under section 65 of the Chartered Professional Accountants Act, if applicable;
  • prohibition on practicing public accountancy;
  • prohibition on identifying yourself as a chartered professional accountant and using the CPA initials (including in telephone directories, on websites, social media, business cards and stationery);
  • requirement to immediately transfer your assurance and compilation files to another member or to the Order, if applicable;
  • loss of the benefits obtained as a CPA under agreements entered into by the Order on behalf of its members (short-term disability insurance, prescription drug insurance, etc.)

Once the resignation, striking off the roll or revocation of a permit takes effect, the person concerned is no longer permitted to perform any act that is the exclusive preserve of the profession and to use the chartered professional accountant designation or to present himself or herself in any way as a chartered professional accountant or to use the CPA initials.

CAVEAT – The loss of the chartered professional accountant status and the prohibition from practicing public accountancy or from using the CPA designation and initials may result in penal proceedings for the illegal practice of the profession or unauthorized use of the designation being brought against former members who continue to hold themselves out or present themselves as a CPA, or perform public accountancy acts.

Reinstatement on the roll of the Order

Persons who resigned or were struck off the roll and wish to be reinstated as chartered professional accountants must submit an application for reinstatement and meet all the conditions for reinstatement. They must pay the reinstatement fees, along with the annual dues payable for the year of striking off or removal from the roll of the Order, the current annual dues and the professional liability insurance premium. All applications for reinstatement are submitted to the Executive committee for approval.

Persons whose permit has been revoked will never be reinstated on the roll of the Order without once again meeting all the conditions for the issue of the permit (education, exam, practical experience, etc.).

For more information, please consult the Reinstatement tab.