Given the circumstances, you may find it challenging to plan your continuing education activities. These tips and tools will help you use the four remaining months to complete the minimum requirement of 25 compulsory continuing education hours per year.
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Continuing education: Tips and tools for getting it done
The deadline for finishing your continuing education hours for 2019–2020 is August 31. Given the circumstances, we understand that planning your activities may be challenging. These tips and tools will help you use the four remaining months to complete the minimum requirement of 25 compulsory continuing education hours per year.
  1. Report your self-study hours
    Did you know that you can report up to 15 self-study hours per year? If you have spent time reading technical publications or articles, studying for a course or exam, familiarizing yourself with a software program you use, or reading laws or regulations, don’t forget to report these hours in your file.
  2. Take advantage of a growing e-learning offering
    Additional e-learning activities have been made available over the past few weeks. Several training organizations offer e-learning activities. The Order has supplemented its online offering and is working to make a number of its in-class training activities available online. Visit this web page regularly to find out about e-learning opportunities during the COVID-19 crisis.

    You are allowed to do all your compulsory continuing education hours remotely, as long as they meet the requirements for your situation and you can provide proof of participation or the successful completion of a course. For advice on planning your continuing education activities, contact our team by email at or by phone at 514-288-3256, extension 2609, or toll-free at 1-800-363-4688.
  3. Take advantage of financial support from the Québec government
    Your organisation may be eligible for financial support for employee training through the Programme actions concertées pour le maintien en emploi (PACME–COVID-19). If your employer makes a funding request and the request is approved, training activities included in the request and completed before September 30, 2020, will be reimbursed. E-learning activities provided by the Order may be eligible for the program. Learn more >
If special circumstances related to COVID-19 prevent you from completing your continuing education hours before the deadline, prepare an exemption request, and we will evaluate your situation. And, of course, we are monitoring the health crisis closely and staying abreast of all developments.
Revenu Québec and the CRA are relaxing electronic signature requirements
As a temporary administrative measure, the CRA has determined that electronic signatures will meet signature requirements. This rule applies to T183 and T183CORP authorization forms.

Revenu Québec is now allowing tax return preparers to collect electronic signatures on certain forms that must be signed by clients. The forms in question are TP-1000.TE (for individuals) and CO-1000.TE (for corporations), as well as MR-69, MRW-69.E and MRW-69.RP (only until September 1). If preparers or citizens do not have access to this technology, Revenu Québec will also accept a detailed email that allows the agency to verify that the client has consented. Revenu Québec is also exempting people without Internet access and elderly people confined to their homes from the signature requirement, though a signature may be required at a later date. For more information, go to the Revenu Québec website and consult the “Tax preparers and professional representatives” section on the FAQ for Businesses page or the “Tax preparers” section on the FAQ for individuals page.
Did you miss our free webinars on time management during the crisis?
They are now available on replay in French or English. To watch the webinars, first read the information and instructions in the “Free training activities offered by the Order” section of the E-learning activities during the COVID-19 crisis web page.
  • Leading through COVID-19
  • Managing teams remotely
Legal notices
Two notices were issued recently.
To help you stay current with news that impact our profession and easily find resources to adjust your work methods, we developed a special, continuously updated web page available to you.

Visit the "Coronavirus (COVID-19)" page >

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