CPA Awards of Excellence

The CPA Awards of Excellence pay tribute to men and women who bring visibility or prestige to the profession in the media or due to the scale of their professional or volunteer activities within the profession or with the general public.

CPA Awards of Excellence - Person of the Year, MERITORIOUS SERVICE ANd outreach of the profession

Members do not have to submit a nomination file for the CPA Awards of Excellence. The Order is always on the lookout among its members for potential candidates for these awards categories. However, if you know a CPA whose profile matches the criteria for one of these awards, we invite you to fill out the nomination proposal form [PDF] and return it by email at

  • Icones_Prix-Excellence_Personnalite-annee

    Person of the year

    CPA whose name and professional designation are associated with a project or an issue relating to the economy, politics, culture or sports and who has received media coverage in the last year.

  • Icones_Prix-Excellence_Services-meritoires

    Meritorious service

    CPA whose dedication and commitment to volunteer work has made an outstanding contribution to the profession and who has actively participated in the committees or working groups of the Order, CPA Canada or regional groups.

  • Icones_Prix-Excellence_Rayonnement profession

    Outreach of the profession

    CPA who has made an outstanding contribution to the advancement or positioning of the accounting profession in Quebec, their involvement in their professional community or their efforts to promote the profession in the business world, to the next generation or the general public.


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