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Selection criteria

Winners are selected on the basis of the financial expertise, leadership, strategic thinking and business insight they have shown in both their professional and community achievements. At the time the nomination is submitted, nominees must work in an enterprise whose size corresponds to the category in which the nomination is submitted. The nominee’s professional achievements must have been realized mainly in an enterprise corresponding to that category.

The selection criteria are listed below.

Professional achievements (60% of the points)

  • Nature of the achievements and impact on the nominee’s organization.
  • Demonstration of the nominee’s abilities relating to financial expertise and leadership, and how they contribute to achieving targeted objectives.
  • Demonstration of the nominee’s creativity by having been involved in implementing innovative strategies and solutions to resolve problems, and by having contributed to achieving the organization’s goals using an integrated and systemic approach.
  • Key role in improving the organization’s models and practices with respect to managing financial, material and human resources, performance measurement and accountability.
  • Key role in defining or implementing the organization’s strategic directions.
  • Key role in the organization’s growth.
  • Key role in improving internal cooperation mechanisms and sharing exemplary practices.
  • Key role in promoting and implementing ethical and core values within the organization.
  • Demonstration of an indisputable contribution to the sustained success of the organization.

Leadership (20% of the points)

  • Nature and significance of the responsibilities assumed by the nominee throughout his or her career and career path.
  • Demonstration of the nominee’s dynamism and determination in achieving targeted objectives or fulfilling responsibilities.
  • Demonstration of the nominee’s ability to mobilize team members to achieve the organization’s objectives.

Service to the profession (10% of the points)

  • Active participation in and significant contribution to committees, task forces, boards of directors, programs or activities within the CPA profession.
  • Contribution of the nominee’s achievements to the visibility of the profession.

Community service (10% of the points)

  • Nature and significance of the nominee’s involvement in the community, in particular as a volunteer with community or charitable organizations, other not-for-profit organizations or professional groups.
  • Active participation in and significant contribution to committees, task forces, programs or activities of associations or groups in the fields of finance and accounting outside the profession.

Eligibility criteria

Nominees must meet the following requirements:

  • be a member in good standing of the Quebec CPA Order;
  • demonstrate significant achievements, mainly in an enterprise;
  • not be a member of the Order’s Executive Committee or Board of Directors;
  • not be employed by the Order;
  • not be an FCPA.


The following persons are not eligible for this award:

  • members who have been the subject of a disciplinary decision resulting in their being struck off the roll of a professional order or a similar organization;
  • members who have been struck off the Roll or whose right to engage in professional activities has been suspended by the Board of Directors or the Executive Committee under sections 45, 45.1 and 55.1 of the Professional Code (criminal offence or disciplinary decision rendered by another order);
  • members who, at the time their nomination is submitted and reviewed, are subject to a limitation or suspension of the right to engage in professional activities;
  • members who are the subject of a syndic inquiry or who have been found guilty of a civil, criminal or penal offence.

Selection process

  • The Selection Committee has the authority to recommend a winner in each category after reviewing the nominations. It may recommend that the CPA Award of Excellence – Business not be presented for a given year in one category or the other, or both, or that it be presented to 2 nominees of equal merit.
  • A nomination that has not been selected may be resubmitted, up to a maximum of 3 additional times.
  • The Selection Committee’s deliberations, the names of the nominees who have not been selected and the content of the nomination files will remain confidential. A summary of the winner’s achievements will be published.
  • The winner is informed of the decision by telephone and in writing.

Nomination file

Each nomination file must include:

  • the nomination form for the CPA Award of Excellence – Business;
  • documents supporting the nomination (maximum 15 pages);
  • the curriculum vitae of the nominee.

Each nomination must be supported by 2 letters of reference. The authors of these letters need not be members of the Order. However, they must be sufficiently knowledgeable about the nominee and his or her achievements to attest to the accuracy of the information contained in the nomination file.

Call for nominations

Nomination files are only accepted during the annual nomination period. There will be no call for nominations for the CPA Awards of Excellence in 2016.


Award recipients agree to have their name mentioned in a press release issued by the Order. They also agree to have their photo and a brief description of their achievements published in the media, in Order communications to members and on the Order’s Web site.

Award recipients authorize the Order to retain their nomination file in its bank of nominees for a period of 10 years for submission to external contests or awards, provided the Order obtains their consent before making such submissions.


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