Jason Parravano – 2018 recipient – Montréal

Jason Parravano, CPA auditor, CA

President and Chief Executive Officer
Fronsac Real Estate Investment Trust
2018 recipient of the CPA Émergence Award from the CPAs of Montreal

Jason Parravano was hired by Fronsac approximately three years ago to help the company grow without sacrificing the quality of its investments. Since then, this young President and CEO has given a huge boost to the real estate investment trust, which has tripled its assets and profits and seen its shares soar by over 65%. This achievement can be explained by his strong communication skills, his talent for building business relationships, and his conviction that the firm would gain by diversifying its assets.

Before joining Fronsac, Mr. Parravano also left an indelible mark at Deloitte, where he was appreciated for his non-conformist attitude and willingness to question the status quo. For all these reasons, Jason Parravano has the perfect profile to dispel the popular belief that accountants lack originality. Furthermore, he is not content to rely solely on his own exceptional skills and never hesitates to draw on the expertise of others to support him and build his team.

Very early in his career, he agreed to help the Loyola High School Alumni Association fund its bursaries and scholarships for secondary school students. Likewise, he serves as treasurer of the Board of Directors of the Montreal Children’s Library, where he set up an action plan upon joining the Board to transform a dreaded deficit into a surplus. There is no doubt that his daring and open-mindedness make him an invaluable asset for the future of our profession.