Kathleen Lempert - 2019 recipient - Montréal

  • Kathleen Lempert

Kathleen Lempert, CPA, CGA

Finance Manager, Dr. Barry L. Stein Medical Services
2019 recipient of the CPA Volunteer Award from the Montreal CPAs

At least fifteen different organizations have benefitted from Kathleen Lempert’s service in the last 25 years. Her involvement on the SPCA’s board of directors, in the JEM Workshop’s finances, and at the Federation CJA may reflect a wide range of activities and interests, but they all have one thing in common: She strives to help those who need protection because of a disability, low income, mental health problem or lack of social assistance.
Her work as co-founder of the Kehilla Montréal Residential Programs is proof enough. After preparing, studying and modifying corporate plans and reviewing data on families without affordable housing, Lempert worked with a small task force to develop a business plan and create Kehilla in 2013. Since this NPO’s structure has to be flawless to negotiate with a number of different stakeholders, she created a charter, formed a board of directors and committees, defined their respective responsibilities, set up procedures, and much more. She was so effective in these efforts that the first stone of a building with 68 affordable units was laid on June 5, 2018.
In addition, this huge supporter of good causes leads financial literacy workshops that show teachers how to instill the principles of sound management in children. One of these workshops explains the true costs and benefits of taxes to adults. She also designs training activities to help immigrants with economic integration. Although it is impossible to measure Kathleen Lempert's enormous impact in numbers, her positive effect on our society definitely deserves to be honoured.