Miro Yaghi - 2021 Recipient - Montérégie

Miro Yaghi, CPA, CMA

President and Chief Executive Officer
2021 recipient of the CPA of the Year Award from the Montérégie CPA Group 


Even before the pandemic boosted his reputation and prestige, Miro Yaghi’s decisiveness and energy had already served Termaco well for three years. Under his leadership, not only did the company achieve annual growth of nearly 30%, but it also managed to become designated as an essential service. While in the midst of the crisis, he came up with a new strategy for Termaco, which he then executed without cutting any jobs.

Endowed with an extraordinary vision, Mr. Yaghi introduced such effective health measures at the beginning of the year that his employees have remained unscathed by every wave of COVID-19. In March, he transferred robots from the U.S. plant, which was closed by American authorities, to the Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu facilities in an effort to ramp up productivity. He organized and encouraged his workforce to increase inventory, perform seamless deliveries right on time, and most importantly, develop the TREE prototype, an innovative renewable energy-based energy storage module.

In essence, Termaco owes its stronger position in 2020 to the sound judgment and leadership of Miro Yaghi. This CPA of the year Award is a very modest reward for all his hard work.