Sara Halickman – 2018 recipient – Montreal

Sara Halickman, CPA auditrice, CA

Audit Manager
FL Fuller Landau
2018 recipient of the CPA Recruit Award from the CPAs of Montreal

In every aspect of her work, Sara Halickman makes people a priority. She has a gift for connecting with others, starting up initiatives and motivating her colleagues. Not long after she joined FL Fuller Landau, she got involved in organizing social and fundraising events, exhibiting the leadership skills that would eventually catapult her to a managerial position in just six years. Her enthusiastic participation in the Leading Edge Alliance, an association of 200 independent accounting firms around the world, gives her firm and Montreal a great deal of visibility.

Drawing on the LEA approach, Ms. Halickman created the Young Professionals group in 2017, a gathering of aspiring candidates for managerial positions at FL Fuller Landau. To train and coach them, she created a series of workshops and presentations where they would have opportunities to discuss, share and acquire management skills. This new program has increased employee motivation and retention.

True to her profound humanist nature, Sara Halickman has made it her specialty to represent non-profit organizations, which make up one-third of her clientele. She also gives a great deal of her time and energy to events like Splash and Dash and the Antony Proteau Fund’s Winter Classic Gala, which both support children and young adults with cancer. In addition, she helps organize Women of Power via Federation CJA, while acting as a liaison with seasoned women entrepreneurs. Her network is constantly growing, which in turn gives visibility to CPA expertise.