CPA 4.0 Tool: the digital transformation at your figertips

Bandeau Web outil CPA 4.0

As a CPA in the digital age, your role involves more than just mastering new technology tools. It also entails adopting new working methods geared towards collaboration, agility, innovation culture, co-creation, communication, etc. Basically, it means showing leadership, having a strategic vision, encouraging innovative practices, and learning continuously.

But to grow into this role, you need to know where you’re starting from.

And that is where the CPA 4.0 smart tool comes in. How does it work? You start by answering a series of questions on various themes and then the tool determines your profile and provides you with detailed results. It also makes personalized recommendations that will help you become a true CPA 4.0!


  • Self-assessment in 10 to 20 minutes
  • Digital maturity score
  • Personalized recommendations on specific actions for CPAs and candidates
  • Comparison with your peers
  • Downloadable report


The questions you will answer concern the following three dimensions of innovation:  

Leadership and strategic vision

Your ability to understand and adapt to a digital transformation process, take a 360° view, and make the digital evolution the focus of your strategic thinking.

Technologies and data

Your knowledge of new technologies and their potential, your ability to recognize innovative solutions that meet the needs of stakeholders and make full use of data to guide decision-making.


Your ability to adapt to change, continuously develop your skills, and rally your colleagues behind efforts to create a climate that is conducive to creativity and new ideas. In short, your ability to help create and reinforce a culture of innovation within your organization.


Do you prefer to stick to what you know? Do you want to make a change, but don’t know how to go about it? Or the opposite: Are you familiar with all the new trends and like to take on new initiatives?

Find out if you are a traditionalist, a novice, mindful, a modernist or a groundbreaker by answering our series of questions. Once you have completed your self-assessment, read the personalized recommendations and advice for your profile to meet the challenges of the digital transformation.

So, are you ready to find out where you stand?


Invite your colleagues to use the CPA 4.0 tool 

Although it was designed for CPAs, the CPA 4.0 tool can also be used by anyone who wants to assess their digital maturity and innovation level. Have your team use it and feel free to pass on the word to your colleagues!