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Technology is changing our lives, the way we interact, the way we see the world, and the way we work. Even in accounting! In our “Enter the New Age” video series, CPAs talk to you about the digital age and its impact on… absolutely everything!

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cloud service

A cloud service solution negotiated just for you

The Order, the Barreau du Québec and the Chambre des notaires have teamed up for a unique initiative to evaluate market offerings and present their members with a turnkey cloud service solution that ensures information security and contributes to their common mission: protecting the public.

What's in the offer?
  • VOTRE COURRIEL: Secure messaging service
  • DOCURIUM: Secure document storage and sharing
  • Installation and migration service
  • Tech support and training
Why this offer?
  • Support members in the digital transformation of their practice – break down barriers and resistance to IT use
  • Ensure the security, confidentiality, availability and integrity of the information members share and store in the practice of their profession
  • Keep up with the rapid virtualization of professional practice – need to access and share files anywhere, anytime
  • Protect against the rise in security incidents and cyberattacks, which are affecting large enterprises as well
  • Keep this information in Canada
  • Help members meet their legal and ethical obligations
  • Maintain and enhance public confidence in members
Who is the service intended for?
  • Sole practitioners or members working in small businesses who want a reasonably priced cloud service solution often available in large practices only
  • Members practising outside their regular job who need a high-security environment (consultants, retired members, members on professional or educational leave, etc.)
  • Members practising in multidisciplinary enterprises
How can I take advantage of the offer?

You have to sign an agreement directly with the provider (Avancie). Go to and fill out the registration form to take advantage of the offer (one or two services). Make sure to have your member number on hand. A domain name reserved for CPAs

When you sign up for the cloud service solution Votre courriel, you can create your professional email address with your own domain name or the one reserved by the Order ( Of course, the email address must meet certain criteria.

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