Annual mandatory declaration and annual dues

The annual mandatory declaration provides an opportunity to update your personal and professional profile, validate your status and make necessary declarations to the Order so that it can supervise the practice of the profession.

In addition, this process is mandatory to be entered on the roll of the Order and receive your dues notice, whatever your member category.

Every year, all members of the Order must pay their annual dues to retain their CPA designation. Annual membership dues are one of the Order’s major sources of financing, as they make up more than 50% of its total annual revenues. 

These dues allow us to ensure the highest standards in protecting the public and to directly invest in the promotion and visibility of the CPA profession. They also serve to maintain and improve important services to members such as technical support, ethics and communications. Some of our activities, including training activities and professional inspection, generate revenue and are self-financing.

Members who submit their annual mandatory declaration and/or pay their annual dues after the deadline are charged a $175 late fee. To be entered on the roll of the Order, members must pay both their annual dues and any late fees imposed on them.

Calendar of important dates



April 1 to March 31  Period covered by the dues notice 
Mid-January Annual mandatory declaration sent to members 
The form is sent by mail to members who do not have an email address on file.
March 15 Deadline for submitting the annual mandatory declaration and paying the annual dues
Payment in two instalments (March 15 and May 31) must be received by the Order by March 15.
May 31  Processing of 2nd instalment 

To update your information, fill out your annual declaration and pay your dues, please log in to your file.


Contact the Finance team by email at, by phone at 514 982.4600, or toll free at 1 800 363.4688 [2600]. Our staff will be pleased to answer your questions.