Supporting documents

According to the regulations, you must keep all supporting documents related to the training activities you have completed and reported to the Order up to 12 months after the end of the reference period.

Supporting documents must show the following:

  • name of the activity
  • date of the activity
  • duration (excluding breaks)
  • content (short description of the activity)
  • provider’s name
  • proof of attendance or result obtained in the final test (if applicable)
  • During this 12-month period, the Order may demand any information or document to verify the eligibility of an activity.

Admissible supporting documents

Courses, symposiums, seminars, conferences, e-learning activities subject to a knowledge assessment
  • Certificate of completion
  • Proof of attendance
  • Attendance record from your employer (must include your name and the date of the activity)
  • Letter from the instructor/provider confirming your participation in the activity
  • Letter signed by your supervisor confirming your attendance at the activity (must include your name, your supervisor’s name, your position, and the date and duration of the activity)    
Technical study group or structured activity (group case study), technical committee, discussion group
  • Minutes of each meeting
  • Agenda of each meeting
  • Letter signed by your supervisor confirming your attendance at the meetings (must include the dates, content and duration of the meetings).
E-learning activities that are not subject to a knowledge assessment
  • Link to the activity’s website, login proof, certificate, etc.
Lecturer, instructor or professor

Preparation for the presentation

  • Letter signed by you providing a reasonable estimate of preparation time
  • Course outline


  • Confirmation from the institution of the course duration (e.g. course description on the institution’s website)
  • Document showing the course duration (e.g. official promotional material).
Authorship of published articles or other works, participation in research projects
  • Copy of published article before the publication date
  • Copy of table of contents of published work
  • Link to webpage where the written text can be viewed, with a signed statement from you providing a reasonable estimate of the hours of writing.
Self-study activities
  • No supporting document required

Inadmissible supporting documents

  • Hotel room receipt
  • Airline ticket