Contact and professional email addresses

Following an amendment to the Professional Code, all CPAs are now required to provide the Order with a contact email address set up in their name. The Order will also require a professional email address by March 31, 2020.

Contact email address – Effective March 31, 2019

This is the email address the Order uses to contact you. Since it may be used to send confidential information about you, you must ensure that you are the only person with access to it. The email address can take various forms; however, it must be created for your personal use only. Note that generic addresses (e.g. are not accepted. If you already have a contact email address in your file, please ensure it meets the established criteria.

Note that this email address will not be communicated to the public, unless you choose to make it the same as your professional email address.

If you have not already provided the Order with a contact email address, you must do so by March 31, 2019.


You can choose to not receive certain emails from the Order that could contain advertising messages by updating your subscription preferences in your file.

You will not be able to block Order emails regarding activities set forth in the Professional Code, for example:

  • notices of election or annual general meeting;
  • Order membership renewal notices;
  • notices and communications regarding laws and regulations, and their application.
Under the Professional Code, the transmission of a document to your contact email address may replace mail delivery to your elected domicile (your place of work or, in the absence thereof, your residence). Therefore, unless another communication method is indicated, the Order will contact you by email.

You must notify the Order of any changes to your contact information (professional domicile or email address) within 30 days of the changes.

Professional email address – Effective March 31, 2020

Following a decision of the Board of directors, members will have to provide a professional email address by March 31, 2020, whether they are employed or not. This address will appear on the membership roll and the Find a CPA page, and may be shared with individuals who request a member’s professional contact information from the Order. The criteria for this email address, in particular the conditions of application, will be sent to you at the beginning of the year 2019.

Reporting these email addresses in your annual declaration to the Order 

If there is no contact email address in your file, you will have to provide one in your 2019-2020 annual declaration in order to submit the declaration. A space will also be provided to enter a professional email address, but this will only be mandatory as of the next annual declaration (2020-2021), i.e. March 31, 2020.

If either of these addresses does not meet the established criteria, please contact your provider to make the necessary changes by March 31, 2019 for your contact email address, and March 31, 2020 for your professional email address.

Information security

We remind you that your ethical responsibility to ensure the confidentiality of communications applies also to emails that may contain information covered by professional secrecy. For more information, consult the CPA guide on best practices in IT use.


Contact the Member Support team by email at, or by phone at 514 982.4600 or toll-free at 1 800 363.4688 [2600].