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Professional inspection

Monitoring CPA competence is central to the Order’s primary mission to protect the public. The Professional inspection committee, whose role is governed by the Regulation respecting the professional inspection committee of the Ordre des comptables professionnels agréés du Québec, is responsible for administering a rigorous professional inspection process, which includes inspecting the files of Order members, to ensure they adhere to the standards of the profession.

When necessary, the committee or one of its members inspects the professional competence of a chartered professional accountant. The committee is also responsible for developing the General professional inspection supervision program for the practice of the profession of chartered professional accountant

Accreditation criteria for CPA training employers in public accountancy

To find out the requirements for training employers in public accountancy in effect since September 1, 2014, please refer to the updated version of the CPA Practical Experience Requirements.


For any questions on professional inspection and the accreditation of training employers in public accountancy, please contact us by email at inspection@cpaquebec.ca.