CPA profile in the digital age

Bandeau profil CPA

What is expected of CPAs in the digital age? What skills and capabilities do you need to keep pace with the evolving business environment and remain a strategic advisor of choice?



You easily collaborate with multidisciplinary teams, business partners and clients, and are an agile learner.


Solid understanding of digital age concepts 

You have the basic cross-functional digital expertise to position yourself as a strategic advisor with a comprehensive view of organizational issues.


Awareness of the latest trends

You are a change manager aware of the latest trends, especially emerging trends in business models, digital solutions and operational best practices.



You are a trusted professional with a recognized work ethic.


Effective communication skills

You have strong social, collaboration and communication skills.


Excellent understanding of information security

You are the custodian of information security and privacy best practices.


Flair for the best-performing tools

You stay current on available technological tools, measure their contribution to your operations and leverage them for your organization. 


Consider specializing

You have the advanced digital expertise needed to add value in the specific niches in which you work.


… while building skills in related areas

You are a specialist in data security, information management and IT implementation and management.


Knowledgeable of international regulations

Trade globalization is increasingly exposing local organizations to foreign regulations: taxation, cross-border cash flow control, counterfeiting, etc. You have the skills needed to navigate smoothly through this international regulatory environment.


Expertise in intellectual property valuation

Several emerging business models have few tangible assets and more intangible ones, thus requiring new methods for valuating and enhancing these assets. You are sought after for your expertise in valuing intellectual property assets.


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