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Why CPAs are valuable partners

As trusted business advisors, CPAs offer a variety of services that go beyond traditional accounting, audits and tax returns:

  • Business advice (business successions, acquisitions, start-ups, growth, etc.)
  • Financial strategies
  • Technology analyses and implementation
  • Transaction planning and financial forecasts
  • Business valuations, purchases and sales
  • Strategic planning

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Why choose a CPA?

CPAs have the necessary skills to:

Guide organizations through change

Assist organizations in rolling out their business strategy

Accelerate new market entry


Prepare financial forecasts

Advise entrepreneurs on business successions, acquisitions and start-ups

Manage growth challenges

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CPAs in action in the business world

CPAs are your greatest allies in analyzing data and providing straight answers on your organization’s health. They have the expertise and knowledge to identify trends and make informed business decisions to help shape your organization’s future.

An entrepreneurial mindset

  • Martin Deschênes, CPA, CMA

 I chose to work in industry because I have a keen entrepreneurial mindset. I want to work with business owners so that I can play an active role in their overall business strategy and growth. 

Martin Deschênes, CPA, CMA

General Manager

The ability to anticipate change

  • Mylène Cusson, CPA, CA

 The retail sector is changing very rapidly, especially with the emergence of new technologies. The CPA designation gives us the tools required for nimble decision-making and innovative thinking, which enables us to adapt to market trends at any time. 

Mylène Cusson, CPA, CA


Strategic and profitable decisions

  • François Beaupré, CPA, CA

 My team’s role is to ensure products are profitable. For example, when developing new types of cabins, we collaborate with other professionals, such as architects, engineers and landscapers, to predict a project’s overall profitability based on financial analyses. 

François Beaupré, CPA, CA

Director, Accounting and Finance Services