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The Order recently announced that it had negotiated a cloud service solution for its members to ensure data security.

This offering includes Votre Courriel, a secure messaging service provided by Avancie, with web access and full Microsoft Outlook integration. So, you can create your professional email address with your own domain name or the one reserved by the Order (, which will have to fulfil certain criteria.

domain name

What is a domain name?

A domain name is a string of characters that generally defines your commercial identity on the web (e.g., @enterprise) and is associated with an extension (e.g., .ca). The email address is made up of a username, such as your name, followed by the domain name and extension (e.g., 

What is the name of the domain offered by the Order?

The domain name registered by the Order is Members of the Order and their employees who want to subscribe to Votre Courriel can use this domain name by choosing the option, “I wish to obtain the domain name associated with my occupation,” on the subscription form.

Why has the Order registered a domain name?

To use the Votre Courriel service, which is offered as part of the cloud service solution, a professional domain name is required. The Order has therefore registered a professional domain name. Members and their employees subscribing to this service who do not have their own domain name can simply use the Order’s without additional charges.

Are there any charges?

The Order has registered under its name and allows its members and their employees to use it without extra charges. Members only have to pay subscription fees for the Votre Courriel service.

Must we use the domain name?

There is no obligation to use the Order’s reserved domain name. You can use your own domain name or take steps to obtain one. Votre Courriel provider, Avancie, also offers a support service to help you obtain your own domain name. You can choose your option on the subscription form.

Can the Order's domain name be used with another provider?

No, the domain name can only be used with the Votre Courriel service offered as part of the cloud service. If you change providers, you can no longer use the email associated with the domain name. However, if you have obtained your own domain name, you will be able to continue using it with another provider.

email address format

Your email address must consist of your name (as it appears on the Order’s roll if you are a member) and include at least the first letter of your first name and your last name. It can start with the first name or the last name. These rules apply as much to the domain name as to a new domain name that you may have created to activate your Votre Courriel subscription.

Examples of possible combinations

Marie Tremblay :

When you have a double first name and/or last name, one of the two names can be abbreviated to just the first letter.

Examples of possible combinations

Jean-Pierre Gagnon-Diop :

An employee who is not a CPA can use the domain name in external exchanges with the permission of a member as long as the employee is identified clearly in the electronic signature as a non-member with a reference to the CPA or firm for which the employee works.

Examples for non-CPAs

Andrée Tremblay
Langlois & Associés, CPA 

Leslie Campeau
Assistant de
Mikaël Langlois, CPA 

rights and conditions of use

The domain name remains the property of the Order, which grants members and their employees permission to create email addresses associated with this domain name. The Order reserves the right to withdraw this permission at any given time if the address associated with the domain name is misused in contravention of the applicable conditions of use or to protect public security.

Members and their employees must use email addresses associated with the chosen domain name in compliance with the conditions stipulated in this document in a professional context, that is, mainly for business activities.

The Order will not be held responsible for any damage whatsoever resulting from the use of email addresses associated with the domain name chosen by members and their employees. Members and their employees are entirely responsible for all communications using email addresses associated with the chosen domain name and any damage resulting therefrom.