Corporate passports

Bandeau passeports Société

Why purchase a Corporate passport?

The Corporate passports are advantageous, flexible and affordable! 

  • Save 70% with a CPA passport and more than 60% with a Multi-CPA and Multi-user passport!
  • Each Corporate passport entitles you to at least 49 hours of training among close to 700 activities organized by the Order or its partners.  
  • The 3 different Corporate passports allow you to combine training activities and tools based on your needs or those of your organization.

See our offer of more than 750 training activities and 100 tools.

Who can purchase and use a Corporate passport?

Corporate passports can be purchased by any corporation: 

  • Business corporation
  • Legal entity under public law (professional order, agency from the public and parapublic sector, educational institution)
  • General partnership
  • Limited liability partnership (LLP)
  • Non-profit organization (NPO)
  • Cooperative

If you purchase a passport for and on behalf of the corporation, you must certify that the expenditure is financed by this corporation and that only the employees of this same corporation will use the passport.

Choose one of the 3 types of Corporate passports

Passeport CPA
CPA passport

4,000 PDC*

I will be the only CPA from my organization to use this passport.

Non-transferable to another CPA.

Passeport Multi CPA
Multi-CPA passport

within the same organization

4,000 PDC*

My CPA colleagues and I will use this passport.

Passeport Multi Usagers
Multi-user passport

within the same organization

5,000 PDC*

My CPA and non-CPA colleagues and I will use this passport.

* PDC: professional development credits

How much does it cost?

Consult the fee schedule for more details.

2019-2020 season

  1. Taxes not included

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