General information and fee schedule

Purchase most of the products offered by the Order with a Corporate passport and use your professional development credits (PDC) to register to training activities or to get tools.

The CPA and Multi-CPA passports each include 4,000 PDC and the Multi-user passport includes 5,000 PDC.

How do I use and manage my Corporate passports?

  • Select your Corporate passport where indicated in the shopping cart when proceeding with your transaction.
  • Consult the list of your purchases as well as you PDC balance directly in your member /client file, on the Your Corporate passports page. You will always know the status of the registrations and cancellations if you are the person designated by the corporation holding the passport.

How much does a Corporate passport cost?

Plan your purchases now and benefit from our best offers! 

Three types of Corporate passports to meet your professional development needs.

2019-2020 season

1 Taxes not included. 

Consult the training activities’ prices converted to PDC for registrations made with a Corporate passport.