Types of Corporate passports

The Corporate passports are advantageous, flexible and affordable! 

  • Save 70% with a CPA passport and more than 60% with a Multi-CPA and Multi-user passport!
  • Each Corporate passport entitles you to at least 49 hours of training among close to 700 activities organized by the Order or its partners.  
  • The 3 different Corporate passports allow you to combine training activities and tools based on your needs or those of your organization.  

Choose one of the 3 types of Corporate passports

1 PDC : professional development credit
2 No refund is granted once a product or service has been delivered. However, the corporation holding the passport may convert its passport to à la carte registrations or tool purchases at the going rate at the time of each registration or order made and, if applicable, may receive a refund for the difference.

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