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It is the responsibility of each user of the Order’s material that wishes to reproduce, print, modify, adapt or distribute the material to do so legally and in full compliance with the obligations under the Copyright Act.

User licences proposed by the Order are adapted for individual use (limited use licence) or for collective use for sharing between colleagues from the same organization (unlimited use licence, with or without adaptation).

Choose the user licence that will best meet your needs!

  Limited use licence Unlimited use licence without adaptation Unlimited use licence with adaptation
Sharing between colleagues within the same organization No Yes Yes
Available versions

Word (programs and checklist only)

Word (programs and checklist only)


Reproduction, extraction and printing
Yes (with restrictions)
Yes (without restriction) Yes (without restriction)
Content adaptation and modification  No No Yes
Authorized download  5 media Unlimited Unlimited
Duration of the licence Unlimited1 12 months1, 2 12 months1, 2
Price3 Included with the purchase of a tool
 À la carte:
from $1,000

from 2,500 PDC

 À la carte:
from $1,000

from 2,500 PDC

Delivery time for tools in their electronic version  24 hours 48 to 72 business hours 48 to 72 business hours


  1. The tool must be downloaded before the last day of the season, i.e. August 31.
  2. The licence is renewable.
  3. Price varies according to the number of users and the size of the organization.

For any use other than that mentioned above or if the number of users exceeds the number allowed by the Order (see the fee schedule of the tool you wish to acquire), you must request a quotation.


Types of licences
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Terms and conditions
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