Terms and conditions

Prohibition of resale and reproduction

  • No material can be used for distribution to others for free or against payment.
  • The material may not be reproduced, modified or printed without authorization in whole or in part, in any form or by any means (electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or any other method, including its distribution on a private or public network) other than through the copyrights granted by the Order or through the purchase of a unlimited use licence for sharing between colleagues or adaptation for the purposes of sharing between colleagues.

Download of the electronic version of a tool with a limited use licence

  • Tools purchased in their electronic version include a limited use licence which gives the acquirer the right to download them on 5 different media.

Rights of the licence holder

Limited use licence

No prior authorization of the Order is required. 

  • Printing of one page or extraction up to 250 words, for a maximum of 5 times per material
  • Reproduction of one page, for a maximum of 5 times per material
  • Printing of the speakers’ notes delivered through symposiums without restriction
  • Use without modification and printing without restriction of the programs and checklists

Unlimited use licence without adaptation

Prior authorization of the Order is required in certain circumstances. 

  • Sharing between colleagues within the same organization
  • Unlimited download of the material in electronic version (PDF)
  • Reproduction, extraction and printing of the material in electronic (PDF) or paper version without restriction

Unlimited use licence with adaptation

Prior authorization of the Order is required in certain circumstances. 

  • Sharing between colleagues within the same organization
  • Download, reproduction, extraction and printing of the material (Word) without restriction
It is the responsibility of the licence holder, regardless of the licence purchased, to have the latest version of the tool in order to comply with the current standards.

Duration of the licence

  • Limited use licence: valid for an unlimited period.
  • Unlimited use licence (with or without adaptation): valid for 12 months from the date of purchase.

Regardless of the licence purchased, the tool must be downloaded before the last day of the current season, i.e. August 31.

Intellectual property

  • The licence holder recognizes that the lease of a licence does not grant any intellectual property rights regarding tools purchased and any ownership rights or privileges that may restrain the Order’s rights. Intellectual property means all rights, that are or may be granted or recognized by a Canadian or foreign law regarding intellectual property, including creations, representations, discoveries, inventions, designations, slogans, logos, drawings and distinguishing guises, whether they are registered or not, as copyrights, patents or trademarks or whether they are protected by any other provision of the law or any common law or civil rights principles.

Use of the material

  • The licence holder may not use the material given by the Order for purposes other than those intended by the licence granted and covered by the terms and conditions.

Order’s visibility

  • The licence holder must acknowledge the Order in the appropriate places of the dissemination mode (ex.: intranet) and the Order’s logo as well as the copyright must remain visible on each page of the tool.

Commercial use

  • The licence holder may not make commercial use of the tools without the prior written authorization of the Order and distribute them on Internet.

Attribution of the licence

  • The licence is not exclusive and may not be transferred to another person.


  • The Order accepts no responsibility with regard to the information contained in the tools or consequences which may arise from the use of the tools. The Order does not offer any warranty of any kind concerning the tools.


  • No refund shall be given and a tool cannot be replaced once it has been delivered to the acquirer.