Types of tools

Different types of tools to develop your skills

Bulletins Dictionnaires Guides Implementation models Model files

Model financial statements  Programs and checklists Reference guides

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Take advantage of a 50% discount when purchasing the 2nd format of a reference guide, a model file, an implementation model or a model financial statement.


You can purchase annually a bilingual summary of the latest budgets and receive them on the same day they are tabled. Available in PDF and Word format, they can be adapted to the colors of your organization.


Looking for the correct term? Our bilingual dictionaries will help you find the right words thanks to detailed definitions. You will also find synonyms, variations, additional concepts and comparisons between different concepts and terms.


Consult the guides to learn more about some characteristics of a specific subject.

Implementation models

Consult the implementation models to help you transpose theoretical concepts into your organization. Theoretical concepts required to carry out a specific professional activity are included in those models, as well as concrete examples in the form of exhaustive case studies.

Model files

You carry out audit, review or compilation engagements? Each model file presents an example file for a fictitious entity, practical exercises and theoretical concepts for a specific sector.

Model financial statements

Whether you are a CPA in business or in public practice, refer to the model financial statements to view several distinct examples of financial statements with appropriate references to the CPA Canada Handbook as well as a brief analysis of the relevant accounting standards.

Participants' manuals

Get the participants’ manuals offered in training activities to learn more about a topic that interests you.

Programs and checklists

Use the programs and checklists to guide you in the planning and execution of various mandates such as assurance or taxation.

Reference guides

Use the reference guides to help you apply theory and learn about the particularities of each competency or specific area of activity.

Terminologie comptable database

The French Terminology committee of the Ordre des comptables agréés du Québec having ceased its activities on March 31, 2012, the Terminologie comptable database is no longer accessible for consultation. For any question of terminology related to accounting and financial management, the Quebec CPA Order invites you to consult the Dictionnaire de la comptabilité et de la gestion financière or the Dictionary of Derivatives and Other Financial Instruments.