E-learning activities during the COVID-19 crisis

This page contains only resources for the 2020-2021 training season, which ends on August 31. Therefore, the information displayed here concerns only that training season.
To view the 2021-2022 program of training activities, consult the catalog in our new Vivo professional development portal.

As you know, our in-class training activities have been suspended since March. Since we are conscientiously following the recommendations issued by the Quebec government to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and keep you safe, we have decided not to resume our in-class activities until August 31, 2021. Most of our training partners have taken the same position.

We will closely monitor developments in the situation and reassess our position in the months ahead to make an informed decision about the possibility of resuming these training activities after August 31, if it is safe to do so.

To help you reach your professional development goals safely and securely, we will continue to expand and diversify our range of e-learning activities.

COVID-19 frequently asked questions (FAQs) – Professional development
Many of you are asking us questions about the terms and conditions of Corporate passports, the CPA Promo, and training activities offered by the Order. To help you navigate the changing situation, here is an update.

Quebec government's PACME-COVID-19 program: budget exhausted
If you have benefited from this program and wish to obtain a training certificate, see how to procede.

This list of e-learning activities will be continuously updated. Stay tuned!

Free e-learning activities - Covid-19

To help you overcome the challenges of the crisis, the Order and some of our training partners have developed free e-learning activities that provide you with tools for managing this new situation.

Free training activity offered in partnership

Please note that this training activity qualifies as compulsory continuing education and that the hours must be registered manually in your online file.

Free training activities offered by CPA Canada


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E-learning activities for all the competencies you want to develop

In our program, you will find training activities for each and every CPA competency you want to develop, regardless of your sector.

Specific sectors

Important reminder
When you register for an e-learning activity offered by the Order, you will find it in your online file under “Your training activities.” To take the training, click on "Start your training activity.”
If you registered for an e-learning activity offered in partnership, you will instead receive an email from the training partner that will confirm your registration and provide you with instructions on how to access your training activity.