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Business valuations – Fundamentals

General objective

This course provides participants with a practical insight into business valuation. Participants will learn about and apply valuations tools such as multiples and discounted cash flow to business case studies. The course also focuses on business valuation interpretation as well as the mechanics of the valuation process.


By the end of the session, participants will be able to:

  • understand the various approaches used in business valuation;
  • explain how to apply valuation approaches to a real business;
  • value a simple company using “asset-based” valuation methods;
  • explain how to value a business using “Capitalized Cash Flow” (CCF) and “Discounted Cash Flow” (DCF) valuation approaches;
  • value a business using market comparables.


  • Overview of valuation methodologies
  • Asset-based valuation methods
  • CCF and DCF valuation techniques
  • Calculating maintainable earnings
  • Determining capitalization and discount rates
  • Enterprise value versus equity value
  • Market valuation approaches using equity value and enterprise value multiples

Method of dissemination

In-class training

Target audience

This seminar will be particularly valuable to members in industry and to practitioners with limited to no valuation experience who are seeking a better understanding of business valuation principles and practices.

Full description

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