Business valuations – Advanced

General objective

Building on the concepts of Business Valuations – Foundations this course gives participants a more detailed insight into some of the more complex issues associated with business valuations. Participants are introduced to topics such as cost of capital, terminal value quantification, synergy calculations, valuation discounts, and valuing securities other than common shares.


  • Complexities associated with DCF valuation methods, including how to calculate cost of capital (equity and debt), cash flow, and residual value assumptions
  • Valuing a business using multiples
  • Valuation and buyer intent – strategic buyers versus financial buyers
  • Identifying and valuing synergies
  • Applying valuation discounts, including minority interest, marketability, and key person discounts
  • Introduction to valuation issues specific to other securities such as preferred shares and convertible debentures

Target audience

This course will benefit members in industry and practitioners who are seeking a deeper understanding of the more complex issues surrounding business valuation.


Please bring a calculator as it may be used during class.

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