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COVID-19 – Practical tips to get through a cash flow crisis – Webcast


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This unique two hour Webcast, that you can watch on your own time, provides a wide range of useful tips for accountants and business owners, facing a business/cash crisis due to the COVID-19 and recession impacts, or due to other reasons. The tips are illustrated through specific examples and stories obtained from real life experience. They will help all types of businesses as well as Not-For-Profit organizations and charities.

Note : The live version (Webinar) offers the opportunity to ask critical questions and get feedback from the presenter and the other attendees.

This session was created and is presented by a veteran CFO who has created seminars that nearly 13,000 accountants have attended and are known for practicality, examples, and humour.

The course does not cover bankruptcy laws. Crisis veterans may know some of the tips, but will still get new ones. Some content is from another seminar authored by the course creator.


  • The attitude required
  • Negotiating with suppliers
  • How to talk to your employees and cut payroll costs
  • Your bank and the crisis
  • Alternative financing options
  • Key advantages and watch-outs on some government programs that help
  • Cost-cutting ideas
  • Ethics in a cash flow crisis
  • Tricky situations that arise
  • Getting outside the box for solutions
  • Stress reduction for you

Note: the Webcast will be folllowed by a quiz. A minimum grade of 60% is required for the hours to qualify for structured training. 

Who will benefit

The session is aimed at anybody who is facing a business cash crisis or advising in relation to one, for any type of organization. This includes accountants at every level, advisors and business owners.

Seminar Leader

Stephen Priddle, CPA, CA, member of Ontario CPA.

For additional information, see the partner's website.

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Training season: 2020-2021
Session No.: 0641
Accessible from: 2020-09-01, 08:30 to 2021-08-27, 12:00
Instructor: Animateur du partenaire
Duration: 2.00 h
Additional information: Practical PD will send, in the 7 days following your registration, the information needed to access your course via Vimeo. You will be provided with the course materials and a link to access the course video for 60 days.

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