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Practical tips for controllers & CFOs – Webcast


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Note: This course is also offered in a Webinar and In-class format.

Course Resume

This course covers several hundred useful tips for accountants in financial leadership. The tips are illustrated through concrete examples derived from practical experience. You won’t find these tips in courses or text books, but you’ll be able to use many of them. Value will also be derived from the sharing of experiences and practices by the participants.

Note : This session allows you to declare 1 hour in the field of professional ethics. To do so, you will need to do two entries in your file: 6 hours in an activity in the field covered by the course content in general, and 1 hour in an activity in the field of professional ethics.

This seminar “grows” continuously as new tips are added from past participants. It provides specific opportunities for benchmarking your practices with those of your peers. Over 8,000 accountants have attended this seminar. This seminar is the companion course to Practical Tips for Controller & CFOs – The Case Course. The seminar was created and is presented by an experienced CFO, with extensive real-life insight.


  • Great tips on key indicator reporting
  • Getting the most out of your bank
  • Cost-cutting tips
  • M&A: the good, the bad and the ugly
  • The fast close
  • System conversion dos and don’ts
  • More creative thinking for accountants
  • Auditors and lawyers: minimizing costs
  • More useful financial reporting

Who should attend?

The seminar is aimed at accountants in leadership positions, such as controllers, CFOs and directors of finance, as well as those in public practice or consulting, who advise clients. Accountants from large companies, government and not-for-profits also find the course useful. It is also helpful for accountants moving toward these roles.

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Training season: 2020-2021
Session No.: 0843
Accessible from: 2020-09-01, 08:30 to 2021-08-27, 12:00
Instructor: Animateur du partenaire
Duration: 7.00 h
Additional information: Practical PD will send, in the 7 days following your registration, the information needed to access your course via Vimeo. You will be provided with the course materials and a link to access the course video for 60 days.

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