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Year end & new year requirements – Webinar


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Win the year-end reporting race and get a head start on the New Year requirements. Get the in-depth information you need to stay up to date with current and future legislative changes that impact your organization’s year-end filing. Essential learning for professionals responsible for a Canadian payroll. Recommended annually.

Enroll for your smoothest year-end ever!

This seminar is recommended as an essential part of the year-end process for anyone responsible for a Canadian payroll.

If you are looking for an efficient and effective way to help ensure your year-end payroll filing is accurate and compliant, this seminar is for you. It will deliver in-depth information to ensure you are up-to-date on all new legislative requirements in order to have a smooth year-end. Year-end & New Year Requirements provides information to help professionals prepare for upcoming changes that may impact their organization in the future, including new rules on electronic delivery of T4 and RL-1 slips, the proposed enhancement to the Canada Pension Plan, the introduction of new employment standards job protected leaves and employment standards changes in Alberta and Ontario.


Federal Updates – What’s New With Canada Revenue Agency and Service Canada

Covers all applicable Federal updates, new rates and limits for Canada Pension Plan (CPP), Employment Insurance (EI) and Pension Adjustments, and identifies required changes to forms for year-end filing, as well as changes and enhancements to Service Canada programs including Record of Employment (ROE) Web. This section also includes an overview of the proposed future enhancements to the Canada Pension Plan program.

Jurisdictional Updates

Reviews changes to employment standards including significant amendments to legislation in Alberta and Ontario and other jurisdictional updates and their potential implications for the current year and beyond.

Federal Year-end Reporting

Includes a quick reference checklist to help you track the documents and filing information necessary to meet and complete current year-end and New Year requirements on time. This overview includes: dealing with the final paycheques, overpayments and remittances of the year; key filing deadlines; possible penalties and a step-by-step overview of the basic requirements for completing the T4, T4A and summaries (box-by-box completion guidelines).

Quebec Requirements and Update

Reviews Quebec updates and year-end reporting requirements:

  • Rates and limits for QPP, EI and QPIP
  • Quebec income tax changes
  • Complete box-by-box RL-1 and RL-2 slip and summary instructions

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