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Excel training workshop – Management reports for controller and analyst - Webinar


  • Partner: SLV Expert inc.
  • Registration/cancellation: Follow the Order’s normal procedure.
  • Final registration confirmation sent by: SLV Expert inc.
  • Price: Please see the schedule fee below. Prices are subject to change without notice.
  • Webinar: SVL will send, in the days peceding the course, an email with the needed information for you to access your course.


This course will be offered via the Zoom platform.


  • Provide the tools to handle large databases
  • Making effective and professional management reporting with data integrity
  • Monitor the quality and integrity of data
  • Use several advanced matrix functions to make reports
  • Use the macro commands in management reports

Summary of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Structuring data
    • Essential Conditions to respect
    • Database basic functionalities
  • Imports / Exports and data conversion
    • From Access
    • From a Text File
    • From Word
    • From another Excel workbook
    • From an XML file
  • Master dates functions
  • Master text functions
  • Addressing absolute and mixed cells
  • Search function and matrix
    • Vlookup functions and Hlookup
    • index / equiv functions
  • Statistics functions
  • Named Fields and Validation
    • Named fields
    • Drop-down lists in Excel
  • Error Validation (if / ISERROR)
  • The matrix functions
    • SUMPRODUCT and Type
    • SUMPRODUCT or Type
    • SUMPRODUCT and & or Type
    • SUMPRODUCT Dynamic Type
    • SUMPRODUCT cross Type
  • 3D Function
  • Best practices and tips
    • Maintenance sheet
    • Navigation sheet
  • Macros
    • Create and edit a macro
    • Attach a macro to a button or to a drawing
    • Security Management
    • Examine the execution of a macro

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Training season: 2020-2021
Session No.: 2531
Start date: 2021-04-23, 09:00
End date: 2021-04-23, 16:00
Duration: 7.00 h
Instructor: Animateur du partenaire
Additional information: SVL will send, in the days peceding the course, an email with the needed information for you to access your course. You can see the suggested order of training worshop and prerequisites on www.slvexpert.com/cpa

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