Resources for CPAs during the COVID-19 crisis

To help you stay current with news that has an impact on our profession and easily find resources to adjust your work methods, we developed a special, constantly updated web page available to you.

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Also, please note that our offices are closed until further notice. We will continue to provide our services remotely and we are doing everything we can to minimize the problems caused by the overload of phone and Internet networks.

E-learning activities during the COVID-19 crisis

As a contribution to the physical distancing efforts required by the Quebec government to level the curve of documented COVID-19 cases, the Order is now adjusting the range of training activities it offers.

In these difficult circumstances, we and our training partners are working hard to meet your expectations for professional development.

In fact, several new e-learning activities have been or will soon be made available to make up for the cancelled in-class training activities and provide you with tools for managing the current crisis. These activities are in addition to more than 300 e-learning training activities already offered.

Take advantage of financial support from the Quebec government through the PACME-COVID-19 program
Note that the Order is on the list of e-learning activity providers that are recognized for meeting the professional development needs of CPAs during the COVID-19 crisis.

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This list of e-learning activities will be continuously updated. Stay tuned!

Free e-learning activities - Covid-19

To help you overcome the challenges of the crisis, the Order and some of our training partners have developed free e-learning activities that provide you with tools for managing this new situation.

Free training activities offered by the Order
To watch the webinars: 
  1. Save the PDF of the slides in your personal files. Exceptionally, this document will serve as your proof when you manually report these compulsory continuing education hours in your online file, since the hours for these webinars will not be added automatically to your file.
  2. Log in to the webinar website using the password webinarodc.
  3. Choose the webinar you want to watch from the thumbnail images at the top of the page.
Free training activities offered in partnership

Please note that these webinars qualify as compulsory continuing education and that the hours must be registered manually in your online file.

Free training activities offered by CPA Canada

In-class training activities adapted for e-learning

These e-learning training activities have been developed to replace some of the in-class training activities that were cancelled because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Yours is not on the list? More training activities will be added to this list over the next weeks.

New e-learning training activities added to the program

Listed here are the most recent e-learning activities developed to help you meet your compulsory continuing education requirements.

E-learning activities for all budgets

Our program has many low-cost e-learning activities, including a number of lectures and interviews.

E-learning activities for all the competencies you want to develop

In our program, you will find training activities for each and every CPA competency you want to develop, regardless of your sector.

Specific sectors

Important reminder
When you register for an e-learning activity offered by the Order, you will find it in your online file under “Your training activities.” To take the training, click on "Start your training activity.”
If you registered for an e-learning activity offered in partnership, you will instead receive an email from the training partner that will confirm your registration and provide you with instructions on how to access your training activity.