General information and fee schedule

How do I register for a training activity?

Consult the Find a training activity page to make your choice, or if you already know the number of the session which interests you, register now. You can register using a Corporate passport, your CPA Promo or à la carte.

If a session is full, you can choose a new session or register on the waiting list. Our team rigorously analyzes and keeps track of waiting lists every week. We will contact you if a seat becomes available. Moreover, we will not hesitate to add new sessions or increase the number of available places if the demand is sufficient.

View the terms and conditions for more information.

What are the registration fees for training activities offered by the Order?

The following fee schedules show how prices are established for training activities: in professional development credits (PDC) for registrations using a Corporate passport or a CPA Promo, and in dollars for à la carte registrations.

Fee schedule - Corporate passports and CPA Promo

For CPAs

For non-CPAs using a Multi-users passport

Fee schedule – À la carte registration

For CPAs

For non-CPAs

Training activities offered in partnership

Agreements between the Order and its partners allow registration to activities using a passport, the CPA Promo, or à la carte. Unlike the Order’s fee schedule, the partners’ prices vary depending on the format or duration of the activity.

For the registration fee to a particular activity, whether it is offered by the Order or in partnership, please see the description of said activity.

  1. Taxes not included.
  2. Some of the "protection of the public" web conferences are free.