Hiring a future CPA

Does your organization have a junior accounting position to fill?

Hire a future CPA and benefit from a talented young professional with all the right skills to meet your many challenges.

4 benefits of hiring a future CPA

  • Recruit the most promising, talented individuals who will bring their motivation and high-level training to your organization.
  • Invest in your future workforce by developing potential leaders for your organization.
  • Be on a list of employers highly sought after by the next generation of CPAs.
  • Take advantage of free job postings on our Emploi CPA billboard. 

Looking to hire? Recruit a future CPA and create a job and practical experience position for a candidate!

CPA practical experience: What is it? 

  • 24 months of hands-on experience where future CPAs can apply theoretical knowledge in a real-life management and decision-making setting. 
  • A position where future CPAs can apply their professional competencies through tasks and responsibilities that become increasingly complex over time.

Learn more about practical experience or post a job offer free of charge!

Practical experience: a simple process

Candidate's responsibilities

Report their period of practical experience

Assess their competencies in their practical experience reports with the assistance of their CPA mentor

Have periods worked recognized

Employer's involvement

Offer a professional accounting position to a future CPA

Properly supervise the employee

Over 24 months, assign to the candidate tasks of increasing complexity, requiring higher levels of autonomy


Watch our video to better understand the expectations and requirements of the practical experience.


Do you have a position to fill in financial accounting, management accounting, taxation, audit or finance? Different recruitment options are available to you!

Emploi CPA

Reserved for members and candidate for the practice of the profession, Emploi CPA is an online recruitment site where you can post positions for futur CPAs in accounting, finance and management free of charge.

Updated daily, it is the perfect site to harness the best and brightest candidates. Emploi CPA: The definitive CPA recruitment tool!

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University recruitment

Various university recruitment events are held every year.

  • Industry and public sectors – Come meet nearly 400 highly qualified future CPAs at our recruitment event in Montreal.
  • Public practice – Inquire with the CPA student committee at the university in your region to find out the dates of recruitment cocktail receptions.

You can also write to releve@cpaquebec.ca to learn more about the options available to you.

Recruitment without prior accreditation

You can hire future CPAs without having to take prior steps with the Order. 

Your organization, however, must meet certain commitments regarding the candidates, such as:

  • providing a detailed job description to help them prepare the various documents to be submitted to the Order;
  • assigning varied professional tasks that will become progressively more complex, enabling them to develop the CPA competencies throughout the employment.
Pre-approved path accreditation application

To speed up the processing of practical experience authorization requests from candidates, many accounting firms and some large organizations submit their practical experience program (including the job-related tasks) to the Order for pre-approval.

In general, to qualify, the organization must:

  • take on a large number of candidates annually;
  • have a CPA member on its management team who will take ownership of recruitment and program compliance;
  • provide candidates with the opportunity to develop CPA competencies through progressively diverse and complex tasks.

The accreditation application must be submitted by a CPA member working at the organization.

The accreditation file must include: 

  • a brief executive summary of your organization and its activities; 
  • a commitment by management to the success of the CPA program;
  • complete details of the tasks, matched with the CPA Compentency Map, which the candidate will perform during the period of practical experience. 

If you are a CPA member and you wish to have your organization accredited, write to stages@cpaquebec.ca.

Consult the directory of employers offering a pre-approved program >

Become a mentor

Do you want to take part in an experience that is personally and professionally rewarding? As a member in good standing of the Order, you can mentor one or more candidates during their practical experience.

Through your involvement, which will require an average of 15 hours per candidate, you will contribute to the training and success of tomorrow’s leaders by sharing your know-how and soft skills.

Learn more about the mentor’s role >